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Manila, Philippines



DENȲ, a rising star in the modern Filipino R&B scene, has been making waves since her debut single "Gusto With Ya" in 2021. Fast forward to September 2023, her debut album "LOVES7AGE," is poised to be a milestone in her young career. Hailing from Quezon City, DENȲ represents WAYBETTR, a collective of creatives that includes artists, producers, audio engineers, and directors.

DENȲ's first single, "Gusto With Ya" resonated with many for its relatable lyrics. The track gained popularity on social media platforms and garnered more than 12 million streams to date on Spotify. DENȲ also directed the music video herself. Following this success, she released "Like Me," a high-energy hip-hop dance track with a captivating music video featuring talented dancers. "Like Me" currently boasts 2.2 million Spotify streams.

In 2022, DENȲ opened for Arthur Nery's concert and performed multiple times on the Wish Bus. She collaborated with "YK" singer Cean Jr. on "Still Miss You, amassing 3.6 million streams on Spotify. During this period, DENȲ was already busy crafting the foundation for her upcoming album, LOVES7AGE.

In July 2022, she dropped "Mahiyain," the first track from LOVES7AGE. The song, produced by NJ, delved into themes of shyness and hesitation in making the first move. The track resonated with those who shared similar feelings. As 2022 drew to a close, DENȲ's fanbase continued to grow steadily.


February 2023 saw the release of "Alam Ko Na," just before Valentine's Day. The song, produced by NEXXFRIDAY, featured Just Hush and Third Flo and explored the theme of love at first sight. The music video, directed by y.stacey and NAKI, gained 1.2 million views on YouTube and 3.2 million streams on Spotify.

Approaching the latter part of 2023, DENȲ released "Say My Name" as a sneak peek to LOVES7AGE. The track, produced by Saint and MADEINDVN, set a mature and sensual tone for her journey.

Finally, LOVES7AGE has arrived. The album is a unique reflection of DENȲ's signature sound, with each track representing a different stage of love. DENȲ, with her lyrics and vocals, takes listeners on a seven-part emotional journey. The album features collaborations with industry icons such as Just Hush, Thirdflo, and Arthur Nery.


From "Alam Ko Na" capturing love at first sight to the sweet hesitations of "Mahiyain" and the mature sensuality of "Say My Name," LOVES7AGE covers a range of emotions. DENȲ shares her raw and intimate experiences throughout the stages of love.

The latter part of the album features tracks like "FG2GF," "Kudos," and "Don't Love The Same," each exploring different facets of love and relationships. LOVES7AGE is executively produced by NAKI and includes contributions from WAYBETTR-affiliated producers.

This is just the beginning of DENȲ's musical journey, with LOVES7AGE serving as the first chapter. Her upcoming music videos and releases promise to keep audiences engaged and wanting more. DENȲ's trajectory shows no limits, and for now, we can savor the experience as we enter LOVES7AGE.


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