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Manila, Philippines

Ed Monro on a different universe now with 'Lucky'

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

I've had worse years than 2020. Though I must admit this one hits different, kinda like being backstabbed with a jack hammer. But bitch year, virus, annoying Tiktoks and all, it'd be very wrong if I just forget that it's not the same anymore. The last two years have been sunnier, better.

And I wanted to sing about that. On days I didn't wanna bang my head against the wall or claw someone's eyes out, I wrote songs. I imagined incandescent worlds where I'm home with my love; where I belong. I wanted to say thanks 'cause not all color is lost.

LUCKY is song number one from a new album I'm working on, celebrating this beautifully different universe I'm in now. Thanks for being in it. While it may take a while to finish the entire thing, right now we have this happy song.

As the great Professor Carly Rae Jepsen said, "(we) sing a little song to survive."

Catch the lyric video here:


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