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Manila, Philippines

Drive of Daydreams exhibits comforting tunes in debut album, 'Daydreams Vol. 1'

Daydreams Vol. 1 (Cover Art)

Alternative rock band Drive of Daydreams released their debut album, ‘Daydreams Vol. 1’ — an 8-track record consisting of previously released tracks and fresh new tracks, ardently connecting people through comforting stories as it touches on concepts of “personal encounters, love interests, and life’s rigidities.”

In a chat with the four-piece band, the artists revealed why the songs in the album were written to serve as comforting tunes for those who are experiencing similar situations, what the audience can expect from the fresh new tracks in the album, and how this album developed their artistry as individual artists and as a group.

TNH: Over a year since DOD’s last release, and now you guys are back with Drive of Daydreams Vol. 1 Album. How do you guys feel about the release, and what made the band decide to finally release a debut album?

Drive of Daydreams: We’re very excited and nervous at the same time since this is our debut album, and we don’t know what to expect. We have put a lot of work and heart into it, and we are very proud of what we have accomplished, given that we’ve recorded half of the tracks during the pandemic. The band is very excited and looking forward to sharing it with everyone.
The songs that are included in the album were already written way back in 2018; since then, we have started planning the recording of the album. So, you are listening to a 3-year worth of hard work. Some of the tracks were already released as a single, and last year we finally had the chance to record the rest of the tracks. We have managed to finish everything this year, and we can finally have everyone listen to it.

TNH: Drive of Daydreams Vol. 1 covers varying stories about personal encounters, love interests, and rigidities in life. How important is it for DOD to convey these stories to a wide audience?

Drive of Daydreams: Most of the songs were inspired by our own stories, and we believe that we somehow share the same stories with our audience. Our songs were written in a way that people could connect and relate with it. Our goal is to be a comfort for those who are experiencing the same situations conveyed through our songs.

TNH: Some tracks in the album include previously released songs like Wag Na Lang, K.L.A., Martyr, and L.D.R. What can your listeners expect from the fresh new tracks in the album that they haven’t heard from the previous releases?

Drive of Daydreams: The new tracks, like the previous releases, have their own different stories to tell and have their own distinct emotions to convey. We also have our first English song that’s included on the album. Every track has its own unique sound, melodies, and feel. All the new songs are ready to speak to you as you listen to them.

TNH: Talk about the creative process in producing the album – what can you guys share about the experience?

Drive of Daydreams: The experience during the creative process could also be written as a whole new song if we could! The journey from the beginning until now gives us a full range of unknown and overwhelming pleasure. The songs were all written by the band’s vocalist, Edsel De Guzman. So, the hugots in the songs are mostly based on his own stories or stories told. The arrangement of the songs was a collaborative process, each member striving to put their identity in their own contributions. As every member has its own differences, every song was different and unique in its own kind. The recording sessions were challenging but undeniably the most satisfying and fun that we’ve been during the pandemic. Most of the tracks were recorded during this unfortunate time, so in most of the recording sessions, we weren’t complete as a band, but we’ve managed to finish all the tracks the way we all want it to be.

TNH: After producing the album, what did you guys discover among yourselves as individual artists and as a group?

Drive of Daydreams: After producing the album, we as a band can all agree that no matter what situation we’re in, if we set our hearts on the goal, we can accomplish it and achieve it the way we always dreamed it to be and maybe way better than what we can all imagine. The songs were based on our stories of love, self, and friendships— and all of our individuality is transparent on this music that we created as a band. As individuals, we all have our different styles, unique interpretations, and motivations, and during this journey, I think we developed our own artistry by sharing our own ideas and by making the most out of our differences which gives you Daydreams Volume I.

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Daydreams Vol. 1 consists of previously released tracks such as K.L.A., a song that tackles the pain that comes with the agony of unconfessed love; Wag Na Lang, an anthem about ‘ghosting’ in relationships; L.D.R., a track that talks about faithfulness in long-distance relationships; and Martyr, a song about the struggles and tortures of making a relationship work.

The album offers fresh new tracks such as Come With Me, a track that brings light to the uncertainty of tomorrow; Giliw, a song that depicts the selfless act of offering one’s self to live down the other’s pain; Alinlangan, a hymn about companionship, comfort, and unconditional love; and lastly, Wag Ka Lang Malumbay, a record that speaks about devotion to saving someone out of loneliness.

Drive of Daydreams consists of Eireen Alba (Bass), Ross Tungol (Drums/Backup Vocals), Rick Tungol (Lead Guitar), and Edsel De Guzman (Lead Vocals/Guitar).

Formed in 2017 by Edsel De Guzman, the alternative rock band from Metro Manila earnestly captures stories of love, pain and heartbreak, relatable experiences, and more about the intricacies of life.

You can keep streaming Daydreams Vol. 1 on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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