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Manila, Philippines

Cean Jr. Hits it Just Right with his Latest Release YK

For his newest single, RnB singer-songwriter Cean Jr. hits it just right in the fiery feelings with YK, released under O/C Records on January 21, 2021 on leading digital platforms.

The chill RnB track, whose letters stand for the words “you know”, captures the intense feelings that one experiences when they meet and become passionately in love with a special person and the longing one gets to get to be with them for a night or possibly, the rest of their lives.

This song is superfluosly smooth in its sound, largely carried by Cean Jr’s chill, soothing vocals and the light yet cathchy guitar work smoothly strumming in the background. It’s cool approach chill sound is complemented by its fiery and passionate vibe stemming from its sensual lyricism and obsessive point of view.

Cean Jr. himself did most of the heavylifting for this track, with him responsible for composing, production, and arrangement, with the smooth guitar work done by Martin Riggs and with the final mixing and mastery made by Emil Dela Rosa.

YK by Cean Jr. is now out on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other leading digital platforms for those moments when you feel an intense desire to be with someone you fell so madly in love for.

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"YK" Spotify link:

"YK" Official Audio link:


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