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Manila, Philippines

All Hale: Band Returns to the Music Scene with New Single under UMG

Manila, Philippines — After a long hiatus from creating songs that a whole generation related to, burned in limelight CDs and on repeat in MP3s—evoking heartaches to pinning or simply jamming with ourradios, Hale comes back with their new single ‘Klaro’, ready to reclaim their place in our hearts.

The musical ensemble responsible for hit songs “The Day You Said Goodnight,” “Blue Sky,” and a multitude of other beloved tracks, is now ready to captivate us once again with a new collection of songs to cherish. The band compromises Champ Lui Pio (vocalist), Chino David (violinist), Pao Santiago(drummer), Roll Martinez (guitarist), and Sheldon Gellada (bassist).

Following their last album in 2018, the band took a long break from creating new music, with members pursuing individual projects and different avenues. Now, after a prolonged period of silence, they reunite under Universal Music Group (UMG), and released their new song, ‘Klaro’, on January 31st. “It was just a spontaneous thing,” Champ shares. “I was just cleaning my guitar and came across a riff, so I started writing a few lines.”

The band also revealed the inspiration behind the song stems from their fans and their significant others, acknowledging their loyalty and unwavering support in their highs and lows, which motivated them to hit the studio and meticulously crafted the track. “We’re not conscious with how we’re supposed to sound,” Roll states. “The bottomline with us is that we just want to stay happy, creating, and sharing with everyone who’s willing to listen and see us.”

“We’re entering this year with a humble mindset,” says Champ. “We’re learners by heart, and it’s obviously a different time— with our partnership with UMG, we’re willing to learn on how music is done now.”

“Tugtog lang!” Chino adds. “We just want to share more music with Halers [fans] and Halers-to-be.” The band also hints at their plans to release more music in the future.


Story by Jasmine Rico



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