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Manila, Philippines

Alex Bruce drops empowering anthem “SWOOSH” in time for International Women’s Month

The track debuted live last year with a FIBA 2023 halftime performance and a NIKE campaign backing it up


Alex Bruce


Filipino rapper Alex Bruce explores themes of resilience, achievement, and empowerment on her new single “SWOOSH,” released via Sony Music Entertainment.

Fit for the celebration of International Women’s Month with its uplifting message, the bass-heavy, hip-hop track was initially penned for the FIBA campaign of international activewear brand NIKE, where she served as one of its ambassadors.

According to the young rapper, “SWOOSH” is about embodying the spirit of NIKE’s iconic trademark, “Just Do It!” in every aspect of life. “It’s more than just a song in a way; it’s an anthem, a testament to the power of determination, self-belief, and seizing the moment.”

The young rapper debuted the track live last year with a halftime show performance at FIBA 2023. Alex recalls having a great time performing the song for the first time with a global audience glued to their screens and with her fellow countrymen cheering for her.

“Performing at the FIBA halftime show was ‘the’ experience,” the BLING artist fondly shares. “Not only was I thrilled to be showcasing my artistry on such a huge stage, but I was also super excited to be joined by the amazing talents of ATEAM—sixteen dancers whose energy and passion added extra flavor and dimension to the performance.”

“SWOOSH” was produced for her by GOODSON and SHAQUIRO. Alex also vouched for her frequent producers’ level of talent and range and credited their mutual respect as one of the grounding elements that made the success of the collaboration possible.

“Plus, I am friends with them, which makes the working environment more fun and conducive to ideas,” Alex Bruce shares.

SWOOSH” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.


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