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Manila, Philippines

Adie's 'Senaryo' making waves now with new songs and hits with almost 600M all-time streams

The highly anticipated first album of the gifted singer-songwriter Adie has been eagerly anticipated by Filipino music lovers and listeners of soulful, genuine melodies. This album, "Senaryo," is a major turning point in Adie's musical career since it displays his extraordinary talent, meaningful lyrics, and engaging vocals.

Adie was up in the thriving Philippine music industry and has spent years perfecting his talent. His soul-stirring performances and moving songwriting have mesmerized audiences. He has come into his own with the publication of "Senaryo," a compilation of powerful songs that give listeners a peek into his world.

This 13-track album was blended smoothly with hits and future hits to hit the airwaves. Songs like 'Paraluman', 'Tahanan' and 'Mahika' who already left their mark in the OPM scene are part of this compilation together with fresh songs, 'Senaryo' and 'Token' to name a few. The much awaited release of one of his songs titled 'Paralumbay' and his collaboration masterpiece with filipino rap sensation Flow-G is also included.

You can stream 'Senaryo' in all digital streaming platforms now.


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