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Why You Should Support Artists Coping With “The New Normal”

The entertainment scene is just one of the many industries gravely affected by the ongoing

COVID-19 pandemic and for a lot of local artists, adapting to the proverbial “new normal” is

quite a daunting task. To their credit, they are doing everything in their power to keep the scene alive and well. Let us take you to the day-to-day struggles artists face and why you should shower them with support and appreciation now more than ever.

Before the pandemic

A lot of us consider music and live events as our escape from reality. In fact, it’s been somewhat of a routine for some folks to chill with their best buds in a bar while watching their favorite local musicians perform and for the longest time, that was the norm.

While it almost feels like a mere concept these days, that’s how things were before the

pandemic struck and all of that was taken away from us in just a snap.

The so-called “new normal”

If people told me a few months back that all of this would be happening quickly, I never

would’ve believed them. The coronavirus situation caught everyone off guard, changing the way we live and leaving a lot of musicians and staff impaired.

With live music venues temporarily (some permanently) shutting down its doors, artists are left with no choice but to carry on. They continue producing material from their respective homes amid all the craziness and uncertainty, oftentimes, out of passion alone.

Now, for the time being, the bars we once called our home has been replaced by online gigs. Of course, none of it would be possible without the efforts of production houses mounting virtual events just to give artists and fans a platform for entertainment.

What it’s like to be a musician trapped in a pandemic

Some people think putting out music in the technological age is easy. On paper, it should look effortless but it’s actually a tedious process, not to mention costly.

Being a musician myself, I have to say, adapting to this new setup is no joke.It’s pretty labor-intensive. Imagine going through the hassle of creating studio-quality materials for an online show when several months back, all we had to do was step on stage with our respective gears and play the night away. That’s a huge adjustment right there.

Artists need your support now more than ever

Us artists are putting in extra effort to keep our listeners entertained and empowered through our chosen medium. Not only that, but our days have also been plagued with self-doubt, loss of creative juice and the anxiety brought upon by the pandemic. And to be realistic, we all have bills to pay as well. We lost our livelihood, a way to bring food to the table.

When you think about it, artists are not really asking for much in return. All we need during

these trying times is genuine support from our peers and the community itself. And from a fan perspective, the silver lining of all of this is that you can now watch your favorite acts perform in the comfort of your own home — away from the traffic and hassle of finding a parking space! It isn’t so hard, right?

Speaking of supporting your favorite acts, The New Hue is set to hold a 2-day virtual concert

called ‘Huenite’ which “huenites” some of the local music scene’s freshest and finest acts.

Streaming live on September 4 & 5 via The New Hue’s official website, you can sign up now to get your free 2-day pass! Tell your friends about it, too. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

- Bri Constantine //

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