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Manila, Philippines

VVS Collective released a new explosive hit ‘FOLLOW ME’

Listen to the release here.

Today is indeed a special day for VVS Collective fans. The wait is finally over. Their new single, Follow Me, is now available on all streaming platform.

The pandemic didn’t stop VVS Collective from getting together and making more music. They made great use of this time by making as much music as they can. There wasn’t much free time for the group’s members since there’s so much work for them in the studio. They do miss their live gigs, but they still stay in touch with their fans and continue promoting their music on all their social media platforms. 

So why Follow Me? It is timely since all fans could do at the moment is follow the group online. But there’s more into this track and VVS Collective sure did one hell of an awesome job with it.

The song was Gabrang’s idea. “Follow me because this is the new style. No one’s doing it yet. Follow me because this is what we are,” he said. They all wrote their own lyrics and as always, magic just happened. When the skills and talents of all VVS Collective members are combined, you can expect nothing less than exceptional.

VVS Collective: A Craving for Perfection

It’s impressive how VVS Collective managed to gain fame and success with such limited resources. Not many of their fans know that these artists work hard to get to where they are now. They research. They study. If one of them needs to learn how to rap, sing, or produce music, then he must find a way to learn on his own. In fact, they make music and record at their simple home studio contrary to claims that they’re just rich kids who have all the money in the world to finance their careers.

To satisfy their craving for perfection, they do things their way. And they really don’t care much what others think.

This is probably why when asked who their dream local collaboration would be, VVS Collective members immediately named Filipino bands and icons like Parokya ni Edgar, South Border, Kamikazee, and more. Gabrang said, “We already know how to rap. We can sing too. If we are to collaborate with anyone in the local music scene, then we might as well do it with those who can contribute talents and skills we don’t have yet.”

Fans and Haters in the Hip-Hop Industry

VVS Collective describes their music as Filipino new wave or a young wave of hip-hop. They are extremely thankful to their fans and deeply appreciate how their supporters remained solid since Day 1. But they also acknowledge how they have their fair share of bashers—how some of their harshest critics are old school hip-hop artists and fans.

Since VVS Collective is all over social media, along with the territory comes a ton of hateful comments. The members have grown used to it. They eat basher remarks for breakfast and sorry haters, the boys aren’t losing sleep over the comments.

“Some people hate us and bash us because of our different style. Only time will tell when our music will be fully accepted. And for those who hate us, two years from now, you’ll probably go for this style of music too,” King Promdi said.

More Music and Projects in the Coming Months for VVS Collective

VVS Collective blessed us with their massive hit, Walwal, at the beginning of 2019. They even shared some bangin’ tracks and videos right after that. The group’s most recent single before today, Alon, released mid-pandemic, continues to receive thousands of views and plays on various digital platforms daily. They got the attention of millions of Filipino hip-hop fans and managed to impress some of the industry’s harshest critics. 

Especially after they signed with Def Jam Philippines, there’s no stopping VVS Collective. Now that they’re set to work with some icons in the Philippine hip-hop industry, there’s a lot to look forward to from Gabrang, King Promdi, Tommy Wave, and Max Dylan. They plan to come out with even more singles, perhaps an album, and music videos, too.

For those who haven’t followed them yet, you should check them out on all streaming platforms because Follow Me might just be that 2020 track you’ve been waiting for. And you surely wouldn’t want to miss their new music video coming out soon!

Watch ‘FOLLOW ME’ lyric video here

VVS Collective has recently reached 20,000,000++ views on their hit-single ‘WALWAL’ and a million streams on their recently released single ‘ALON’.


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