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Manila, Philippines

'Unfair Love' left us all listening

The 'experience' on how we consume and enjoy arts have evolved in this time of technology. Concerts are available online. Van Gogh's paintings are moving. And now, after weeks of reading through this digital book by Jen Diamzon-Santos, Unfair Love on Wattpad, we listen to it's final chapter. Yes, you read it right. Listen and not read.

The live reading session enables the community of readers to enjoy the end of the story they followed together. It was live broadcasted over Facebook that allows the readers to comment with each other and be totally engaged with the emotions they brew with each character. Another angle would be hearing the lines that would keep us stuck in the moment together with the music which accompanies it. It built a scene in your head that cultivates the raw emotions and almost turns them to reality. It makes you fall in love for the second time.

The cast who are composed of the community who were passionate to create this masterpiece were composed of Renz Robles who voiced out James, Ralph Geeron Cruz who voiced out Keith, Toni Blanco as Sofia, Josh Sevilla as Gabriel, Cathy Santos who perfectly laid down the tone on a readers perspective being the narrator and Jen herself as Jules. Having no professional experience on this thing, they didn't realise that they made a mark with this session. It totally is a new way to enjoy reading and turning it to poetry. Truly, a work of art.

Light yet dark but real is something the author has been crafting herself into. Stories that are black and white as we would say, the realness of situations in the book scares you, makes you smile, makes you wonder and makes you fall in a bittersweet way. With Unfair Love's exit, there's a new story we can all look forward from the author, 'To all the boys I cried for' which will be available on Wattpad still.

If you are curious about this, you can start reading the story on Wattpad here.

As how the author stated, check out the playlist on Spotify while reading the chapters here.

And listen to the final chapter which is unpublished but made into a live reading masterpiece here.


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