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Manila, Philippines

Singer-actress Zephanie Unveils The Full Version of "Kung Ang Puso," the Theme Song of the drama, “Lovers & Liars”


Manila, Philippines - January 7, 2024. Zephanie, one of the Philippines’ powerhouse vocalists, in collaboration with Republic Records, has fulfilled the wish of the fans by releasing the full version of Kung Ang Puso, the official soundtrack of GMA Network and Regal Entertainment’s drama series, Lovers & Liars. “You asked, we listened,” the young artist revealed in a TikTok post prior to the official drop that midnight.

A story of a failed relationship, where one party is still willing to fix things, but the other has already given up, Zephanie’s emotional interpretation of Kung ang Puso, enhances the already emotionally charged scenes of the star-studded, triple-plot show. This rendition, which was originally written and performed by Unit 406, showcases Zephanie's unique musical artistry and emphasizes her innate talent for bringing new life into an existing classic.


Premiered on the fifth episode of Lover & Liars on November 27, 2023, viewers have been captivated by the melody and Zephanie’s passionate rendition. Armed with her impressive vocal range, masterful control of her singing voice, and acting experience, Zephanie conveyed the drama’s main plot of “genuine affection and deceitful intentions.”

Listen and watch the Official Lyric Video of Kung Ang Puso here!


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