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Manila, Philippines

Shyr B makes her debut single with ‘Watchu Want’

Social mediai content creator, game streamer, and singer, Shyr Balagtas drops her debut single, ‘Watchu Want,’ on Friday, September 23–– a record written and produced by FRNCHZ and YBNuke.

Shyr has come a long way, hailing from Gapan, Nueva Ecija. She has built her name as a family loving, your favorite prank girl, stylish fashionable and hip-hop loving social media celebrity. She is also famous for supporting the music scene as a lead girl in some music videos in the past.

Taking Shyr B as her artist name, an ode to one of her favorite rappers now in Cardi B, delivers a song that screams woman empowerment, independence and freedom to make any choice she wants.

“Grateful and surprised at myself. Nervous and excited din. I always loved music every since I was younger, pero di ko inakala magkakaroon ako ng kanta of my own,” Shyr B shares as she talked about how she feels about the release of her song.

Getting to work with FRNCHZ (Agaron) and YBNuke, is definitely a great working environment Shyr needs. She aims to continuously improve song after song and wants to learn how to be the best she can be on stage. She is slated to release a music video to Whatchu Want in the next few weeks.

Now with a new management, she is busier than ever. Landing deals left and right with more opportunities ahead. She idolizes Cardi B, where she started far off from music and got into a lot of things like acting, brand endorsements, a Vegas residency and more. She hopes to follow her lead.

To her critics and haters, she says, “Everyone has them, specially if you are seen having fun with it. Wala namang masamang subukan, if my fans love it, that’s the most important

thing. Sila naman ang kasama ko sa journey na ito.”

Watchu Want (cover art)

“Sobrang dali kasi pagtapos kong i-record tong kana, I uploaded it and used GCash sa Tunecore and bang — after a few days nandyan na siya. No need for credit cards or debit cards,” Shyr B explains, talking about the process of releasing her debut single.

Technology has come a long way with payment methods doing it easier for creatives to upload new music.

When asked about her place in the music industry particularly in hiphop, Shyr B says, “Nagsisimula pa lang po ako at madaming mga rapper’s na magagagling. Let us support Zae, Alex Bruce, Fateeha, Princess Thea and more.”

She adds, “I want to have fun getting into music, and may this be another stepping stone in my young career.”

Pinoy hiphop is slowly proving to be a career choice with the advent of pursuing a social media career and for Shyr, this means keeping the attention of people focused on her and the things she is starting to do. Attention currency at its finest.

Whatchu Want is currently independently out on digital streaming platforms and powered by Tunecore.


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