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Manila, Philippines

Seedibles: Solving Food Insecurity

Photo Courtesy of Seedibles

On the recent poll of the national Social Weather Survey, it was found that over four million families in the Philippines experienced hunger a least once in the past three months.

And because of lockdowns, this problem has worsened. The pandemic disrupted supply chains for food and access to food sources. Moreover, the food prices in our country enormously escalated.

This urged Seedibles to open the door for home gardening. Many households started home gardening for food security by providing quick and direct access to foods that can be harvested and eaten. It is known to be a promising approach to solve food insecurity. And Seedibles is ready to offer you help in cultivating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Seedibles would be your best companion as a beginner in planting. They offer plant kits that contain everything you need to get started! And the best part is that they will be one message away the moment you sow to the day you harvest!

Photo Courtesy of Seedibles

They also have garden kits. It contains their signature potting mix, all-natural coco coir pots, plant tag, and their very own bio-organic plant food good for growing four plant varieties.

Photo Courtesy of Seedibles

And of course, plants need food to grow successfully! To help you with that, Seedibles has their signature fertilizers that were concocted by their trusted agricare partners. These plant foods are tried-and-tested mixes specially formulated for learning growers.

Photo Courtesy of Seedibles

Join Seedibles in building a community of gardeners. Let’s build a better food future in our country.

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