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Manila, Philippines

Pet Friendly Café: Lala Café and Bubble Tea House

The story behind the café The owner just wanted to have a fully operational café of their own and this happened because the owner adopted a Siamese cat named "Lala" where you can see her in the logo of the business. After that, they decided to have a pet-friendly café. It sounds like having a restaurant full of gorgeous dogs and cats would be a lot of fun. Who doesn't like to bring their pet to dinner or enjoy dinner in the company of adorable pets?

As part of their products, every time you crave, they will donate 10 percent of their proceeds to local non-profit organizations for their stray feeding program and a project called "Crave for a Cause with Lala". The primary purpose for this is to help and rescue every stray animal and support the related programs. With these feeding programs of Lala Café that ought to help stray animals, they can actually inspire people to donate and also adopt these neglected fur babies.

Adopting is free as compared to buying a pet from a breeder. Whether bred or not, every animal has emotional fulfillment for a person. There are lots of advantages to adopting a pet rather than buying one from a breeder. When an animal is adopted, a spot at the shelter or rescue becomes available. When you adopt a cat or dog, you are not only saving the life of that animal, but you are also making room for the life of another animal to be saved.


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