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Manila, Philippines

Patty Tiu Releases Collaborative Progressive Track with Project Moonman By The Skin of Your Teeth

DJ, producer, and songwriter Patty Tiu marks her debut with the record label O/C Records with By The Skin of Your Teeth, a collaborative progressive track with fellow singer songwriter, producer, and husband Project Moonman, released on December 21 on all digital platforms.

The song is a collaboration about the two artists’ struggles to survive and thrive in a chaotic world, with only each other to lean on.

It’s a melancholic, hard-hitting track with massively emphasized, rapid heavy beats and an overall brooding vibe in it, giving it some emotional weight that drives home the song’s desperate and helpless tone. The vocal performance of Project Moonman in this song helps to put emphasis in these points even further but at the same time, puts some sense of hope and relief in the track.

By The Skin of Your Teeth by Patty Tiu featuring Project Moonman is now available on all digital platforms for those looking for someone to lean on on the tougher times.

For link references:

"By The Skin of your Teeth" Official Audio link:

"By The Skin of your Teeth" Spotify link:


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