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Manila, Philippines

Not Your Ordinary Scoops, A Game Changer to Everyone

Super Scoops is an ice cream brand that says dairy-free never tasted this good and it is made vegan. This twist is a game changer for me as a non-vegan it's a change for everyone!. Recently, they released their newest flavor, a locally-made Ube Bliss. It has a creamy taste of classic Ube Halaya that melts on your tongue and has the sweetness that comes from natural coconut milk. After many years of perfecting, Super Scoops has mastered the sweet and nutty taste of Ube reminding us of our childhood.

They have other flavors that you should try. First was their coffee cashew crumble, which tastes like toffee coffee and energizes your muscles with its touch of roast cashew bits and gluten-free brownie chunks that complement each other in your mouth. If you’re a coffee addict, you will definitely go crazy over this.

This second flavor on the menu is the Choco Brownie Madness. The smell of this was like freshly baked, home-made chocolate brownies. The taste is fantastic. This gluten-free ice cream brownie crumbles is a good choice for someone who is trying to avoid gluten.

Last but not least, one of their longest-running flavors is the Super Scoops signature Strawberries and Cream. It tastes like a creamy strawberry filling with the punch of real strawberry chunks. The tangy and sweet tastes are the right combination of sweet and refreshing.

This brand is transparent about the ingredients that they use in each of their products. Their products are worth the value of your money because you will get what you want. Their advocacy has touched the hearts of people, because of their advocacy in supporting local coconut farmers, pushing for world-class products made from the Philippines natural resources. Another part of their advocacy is to help save cows; That's why they choose to produce delicious dairy-free products.

A single bite of Super Scoops is a real game-changer for non-vegans who want to make the shift by giving them a guilt-free and enjoyable experience. Non-dairy milk products benefit the environment by emitting less greenhouse. No wonder they get the international award-winning UK taste!. The natural and rawness of their products serve the reason and the most valuable feeling was help those people and the environment.

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