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Manila, Philippines

MND3GMA: A Fusion of Electro-Pop and Social Consciousness


Toronto, Canada -- MND3GMA is a creative musical duo that consists of model Sakina Garcia from Sutherland Models and actress Jordan Alexander from Gossip Girl. Their avant-garde pop song is causing a stir. Their distinct amalgamation of genres and captivating narrative distinguishes them within the music industry.

Recently, MND3GMA released their first single, "Tayong Dalawa," which in Tagalog means "the two of us." The song tells the story of two extraterrestrial creatures who are looking for love and a connection on a far-off planet. In a world when disagreement is common, this touching message of unity amidst variety strikes a deep chord. The original music video, which was directed by Elena Virata, a rising talent in Filipino cinema, and was filmed in Manila, Philippines, debuted on BULLY Magazine on June 5.


Two new singles have been published by MND3GMA, expanding their already impressive repertoire:

The song "Fist Fight" perfectly captures the pair's dissatisfaction with the status of the planet and the difficulties of surviving. MND3GMA is an organization that promotes reverence for and defense of the planet Earth and all of its people. They courageously confront society problems through "Fist Fight," highlighting the significance of increasing awareness.

"illbthr4u" - A potent declaration of optimism and camaraderie, "illbthr4u" inspires listeners to have faith that things will work out for the best in their life. Driven by a strong feeling of community, MND3GMA highlights the comforting knowledge that loved ones will always be there to offer support and highlights the healing potential of gathering together.


MND3GMA has demonstrated that it is leading the charge in the music industry's transition towards uniqueness and genuineness. Their hybrid style, which combines Jordan's pop sensibilities with Sakina's understanding of underground house and electronic music, has produced a sound that transcends genres and enthralls listeners everywhere.

With the release of "Fist Fight" and "illbthr4u," as well as their first single "Tayong Dalawa," MND3GMA is leaving its imprint on the music industry. Their melodic appeal and distinctive sound, along with their message of love, unity, and social consciousness, portend a bright future for them in the music business.

MND3GMA cordially welcomes you to discover their universe and go with them on their musical adventure.


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