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Manila, Philippines


Madd Mark wins the first ever TuneCore RAP UP competition and is headed to Singapore to represent the country at this year's Asean Music Showcase!

(Manila, Philippines) -- “Embrace your weirdness!” shouts Madd Mark as he is crowned grand champion at TuneCore’s first RAP UP rap and RnB competition. The Valenzuela native was propelled to victory by his piece “Kakaiba,” impressing the judges at the event held at Urban Gathering 7 at Fin & Claw on July 27, 2023. By embracing your weirdness, Madd Mark adds “You acknowledge that it's what sets you apart and makes you special, contributing to a diverse and vibrant world. This self-acceptance allows you to be authentic, genuine, and unapologetically true to yourself, fostering a sense of confidence and empowerment that can positively impact both your personal life and creative endeavors.”

The night started early as Urban Gathering hopefuls started with an open mic while the top 6 finalists—W1LL K, Chello, Namcai, Ty Raquin, Bishnu Paneru and Madd Mark—awaited their turn.

RAP UP, introduced last March, is the first venture of TuneCore Philippines within the local hip-hop scene. TuneCore partnered up with TMP Industries as they are spearheading this movement of independent hip-hop artists with Urban Gathering. TuneCore x TMP launched RAP UP in March, engaging audiences with a masterclass and an educational workshop on how to upload music via TuneCore, providing guidance and allowing local artists to become acquainted with TuneCore’s different UNLIMITED plans, which allow account holders to upload songs continuously throughout the year.

“UNLIMITED plans offer artists the opportunity to upload an unlimited number of songs, allowing them to showcase their versatility and creativity through various tracks. It’s also helpful that we start knowing our business from the onset, from our earnings and even to the pivots that we make as artists.” says Madd Mark.

Representatives from TuneCore, TMP, and the Asean Music Showcase Philippines also served as judges for the two monthly winners in April, May and June. RAP UP ended up with 6 finalists competing for the chance to perform at this year's Asean Music Showcase in Singapore.

After the success of RAP UP and countless bi-weekly entries, TuneCore is already in the process of planning RAP UP 2 to continue supporting local artists throughout Southeast Asia. “We want people to know about TuneCore and hopefully try it out as we continue to champion the independent DIY musicians. Hip-hop is really big in the Philippines, and you will continue to see TuneCore being one of the choices in distributing music early on in their careers,” adds Bong Andres, TuneCore PH Country Coordinator.

Madd Mark now continues his journey as grand champion and will attend the Asean Music Showcase in Singapore in October 2023. He is excited to release new music before his Singapore trip, stating, “I will release a song next month titled ‘ALAMIN.’ You can expect a captivating journey into the concept of ‘Ikigai,’ a Japanese word that represents the essence of finding purpose and fulfillment in life.”


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