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Manila, Philippines

LOKA for G22: Dominating with Their Musical Arsenal

Manila, Philippines — From their hit debut ‘Bang’ and subsequent banger songs ‘Musika’ and ‘Boomerang’, the Female Alphas of P-Pop are once again gearing up, ready to aim and shoot us with another craze for their latest single ‘Loka’! 

Hailing from Cornerstone Entertainment and making their official debut in February 2022, the three-member girl group consisting of Aj, Alfea, and Jaz has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the P-Pop scene. 

For G22, being recognized as Female Alphas hold great significance. “It means so much because it's our representation of who we are as people, and how we want to contribute in the music industry. It’s the title we carry, not only to be responsible but also to inspire fans to embrace their own alpha status,” Aj shares.

“I think mindset is also very important,” Alfea expresses. “No one should think that ‘oh, I need to stand out because I know I shine brighter than the rest’— you’ll shine brighter together.”

Jaz adds her perspective on the group’s dynamics, “I think that’s the beauty. We’re like matches that burn brighter when we’re together because we make a bigger fire.”

With a promise of a new era for ‘Loka’, the members share their excitement in their active participation in the writing and creative process, as well as the choreography in the works for their comeback on stage. 

"Our comeback is a different approach. We're also learning in the process as we go, we want to make sure it's fresh and new. Working with our coach for this, it's fun and we can't wait very easily!” 

In addition to their new single, they also hint for new songs upcoming for their fans and fans-to-be. Alfea reveals, “We went into a lock-in and wrote several songs for everyone and we can't wait to release it. Fans can expectdifferent flavors from everyone, a new image— and they’re gonna see the blossoming stages of a female alpha because we are young and we grow!”

Jaz adds, “We were teens not too long ago, so the more we progress in our career, we unlock and showcase different things because we are experiencing things for the first time and sharing it with you guys!”

With their dedication to their craft and collaborative spirit, G22 is poised and sure to dominate the P-Pop scene again.


Creative Collective | Artists @g22official_ @officialjasminehenry @zuluetalfea @_ajyape | Fashion/Creative Direction by @Mxycouleur MP

Photography by @khristiandt | Photography Assistance by @jobcorpuz | Production Assistance by @babecage69 | Hair/Make up by @sofiasynocon

Assisted by @samantharagaza | Styled by @bishalaaa | Videography by @zneps | Cover story by @luminassance | Produced/Art Direction by @thenewhueph

Location @astburyph | Special thanks to @cornerstone and Ina Gabe



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