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Manila, Philippines


Photo courtesy of Sony

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Who would’ve thought that being stranded in a tropical island amid a global pandemic would turn out to be a blessing in disguise? Well, that is exactly what happened to indie singer-songwriter Lili. Coming from her stint as the keyboardist of indie-folk band, The Ransom Collective, Lili got ­­down and personal by writing songs that was inspired by her stay in the secluded island of Rote in Indonesia during lockdown.  This was how her debut album, “Sunchild” came to be.

“I got stuck there and went through some negative, but mostly positive experiences, and it got me to write the songs that are now in my album. My album is a reflection of my most natural state at this moment in time. I made no intention to sound anything but myself and it means a lot to mean that I was able to express myself in that way, as I've been wanting to do so for so long,” she recalls.

Through this album, Lili was able to add a personal touch to her already refined indie-folk roots. Aside from that, collaborating with the likes of Howard Lustrio & Pat Sarabia of the band Oh! Flamingo, Mikey Amistoso, Enzo Zulueta and Eco Del Rio resulted in an album full of fresh tropical – surf rock tunes that is sure to make us miss the beach even more.

“It was really fun because they brought something fresh and exciting to my music. Sounds that I couldn't do myself.” Lili mentions on her collaborating with such artists.

When asked - what was the most unforgettable experience while creating the album, Lili refers to the time when she first heard her music with a live band for the first time. For her that was a dream come true.

When picking a favorite track, Lili chooses “Sail Away”. She recounts:

“I wrote it years ago with just my imagination, but somehow it resonated with me just last year when I got stuck in Indonesia. I think I manifested what I subconsciously desired, and that was a really cool realization.”

Photo courtesy of Sony

“Sunchild” consists of 12 songs including the already released “Summer”, “Till Then”, “Sail Away” and “You Took My Heart”.

The tile track of the album is “Places” which is the perfect wrap up for her journey of self-discovery away from home in the midst of a crisis. It talks about being grateful and happy for everything despite the complications. Establishing her surf rock sound, audiences are left feeling as if they have just gone on a beach trip with Lili around the world.

“Sunchild” is out now on all streaming platforms. You may listen to the album HERE.



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