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Manila, Philippines

kyleaux and Never Paco collaborate for a new pluggnb record, "Angel”

kyleaux (left) Never Paco (right)

Rising artists kyleaux and Never Paco roll out their newest single, "Angel," on various music streaming platforms.

Angel chronicles a heart-rending season of losing that cherished one where emotions orbit around sentiments anchored in sorrow, grief, tragedy, fear, emptiness, and nostalgic mementos.

"I recall making this song around 2 am when I was feeling a bit blue contemplating how caught up I was with my previous relationship," kyleaux shares.

He adds, "I noticed that time moved fast throughout all the months I've spent without her, and it became the main idea of the song. This is a song that also mentions the reality and tragedy of losing your significant other, eventually developing trust issues, the fear of falling in love, and giving your partner everything you have."

For Never Paco, the track's central scheme closely parallels his emotional experiences on feelings encircling past relationships. Their identical familiarity with what it's like to lose someone special perfectly harmonizes a desire to express impassioned sensations through their music.

"My verse is solely just me reminiscing the moments and the things that "could've" been with Jaye (a girl that I had been with previously), and I think that's what inspired me to write my verse on this. Just pure emotions surging through," Never Paco shares.

Angel (cover art)

Angel breaks out an ethereal fuse of eclectic tunes while primarily accentuating pluggnb music a stimulating blend of RnB and Trap vibrations, combined with the artists' own distinct sound.

The track's components give out a "gloomy atmosphere" and "nostalgic" vibe making the audience feel a kind of "transcendence" and a mirage of "floating in space."

The song's blissful take on the usage of pads, reverby vocals, and other mellow sonic elements produce thrilling rings that give rise to a therapeutic and moody listening experience.

While the track features a personal and gut-punching lyrical element, its tune highlights a catchy vibe that gifts listeners with an irresistible impulse to warble.

The undeniable rapport between the artists' stories and sonical approaches on telling their stories ultimately propelled the augmentation of the record.

kyleaux and Never Paco ingeniously utilizes the roaring synergy found within their stories, and zeal to elevate and promote the glory of pluggnb music, all while boosting their individual creative styles.

kyleaux is a 14-year-old autodidactic artist who uses his flair in music to craft "therapeutic" pieces that people can cling to in both times of trouble and tranquility. Started playing the drums at the age of four and piano as early as seven, kyleaux gradually developed his music prowess, launched numerous self-produced records on digital music platforms and formed a collective called "Kolaville," now known as 25hearts.

Today, his catalog features top records such as you, In Your Eyes, SERIOUS BUSINESS, WMH, I Found My Home In Your Arms, Broken Promises, WEST END (a track that is also a product of his collaboration with Never Paco), and his most-streamed song, The One I Needed, coming from his most recent album "Always & Forever".

Never Paco is a 20-year-old creative who produces music to establish an audio and visual representation of his authentic emotions. Propelled by his desire to create records to connect with people through "frequencies and sonics," the artist honed his talent by earnestly investing in learning methods to produce, mix and master his own composition.

His previously released records include ALL I THINK, dance4me, OPTION, pretty boy anthem, Pull Up!, and more.

With their latest single, Angel, both artists emanate a kind of sound and artistry that will inflame yet complement the ambiance of the music industry's sonic space.

Angel is now out on digital music platforms for everyone to devour.


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