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Manila, Philippines

Keiko Necesario & Jem Cubil Announces Engagement

Open Door Artists and Warner Music Philippines are pleased to announce the engagement

of our artist Keiko Necesario to Jem Cubil. The couple have know each other sometime

and romantically connected upon Keiko’s return from London in 2019 after beginning the process of recording her second Album, Ready, Let Go.

The couple are over-the-moon with happiness and joy with the engagement. Jem surprised

Keiko last week when she was filming content for future music videos where he popped the

question. Jem says  “Before we got together this year, I already laid down my intentions to

Keiko and that's loving God above all and loving my God’s best for the rest of my life. Marrying her was the only way for me to start checking every item in my list of intentions. The

crazy thing about the day of my proposal was her being clueless! The moment went so well

it was as if God saw every detail in my head!! haha! The amazing thing was that this all happened by faith; my faith in Him. The time & date, the location, and the people involved. It was perfect.”

Keiko responds in saying “It’s been such an amazing journey with Jem and even before I

said yes to being his girlfriend, I already knew I was going to marry him. Truth is, what I love

most about our story is that there is no denying that God orchestrated it. The day of the proposal was just so unexpected, we were shooting a music video. It was simple and meaningful and I can’t think of a better set up. Jem gathered our best friends and our families to witness the whole thing; some made it physically and some through zoom. When he asked me to marry him, I was just sure. I felt God and His gift of peace. Now, we’re getting married. God was right, He does have far better stories for me than I have for myself.”

After the recent merger of businesses between Graham Perkins and Guji Lorenzana, Guji is very proud of the announcement. As the Co-President of Open Door Artists, he says, “The news could not have come at a more perfect time. With the recent successful release of her album, the engagement becomes yet another milestone for what has already been a wonderful year for Keiko. We at Open Door wish Keiko and Jem the very best as they begin to plan their lives together. Congratulations to the future bride and groom! God bless you both!”

Please expect more wonderful news on the wedding and new music from both Keiko and Jem in the very near future!


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