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Manila, Philippines

“Kalituhan” By Gracenote Feat. Monty Macalino Of Mayonnaise Is About Loving Someone No Matter What

Gracenote’s latest single “Kalituhan” featuring Monty Macalino of Mayonnaise is actually a song inspired from a maze – full of peculiarities and makes one confused. According to the band, “Kalituhan” is a song about loving someone no matter what.

Vocalist and songwriter Eunice Jorge was able to write “Kalituhan” easily after thinking of a maze as a core concept.

E recalls, “It was a rainy night and I was lying down with a guitar on my bed and the music and words just came out simultaneously. The idea started from the concept of maze. I was just playing with metaphors and contrasts. And the song was made. Finished the demo thru GarageBand June 2019.”

“The tempo was originally a bit faster than the final version. But during the pre-production process with my band, we’ve decided to make it slower to catch the right vibe for the song,” she adds.
Kalituhan (cover art)

Eventually, the band along with Monty recorded “Kalituhan” in Yellow Room Studio last June.

There’s no denying that people come and go but what if the most special person in your life that you wish you’d spend your forever with is tangled up with doubts and is hesitant to the paths he/she chooses? And here you are, keeping that little hope in your heart that you two will still meet in the end. And of course, you aspire to be happy together for good - “wag sanang bibitawan sa gitna ng kalituhan / samahan mo ako hanggang dulo,” the artists sing in its chorus.

“Like in a maze, maraming pwedeng daanan, pwedeng magiba ng landas, pero kahit magkalituhan, sana magkita pa rin sa dulo,” Eunice also shares.

“Kalituhan” by Gracenote and Monty Macalino is out now under Universal Records Philippines.


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