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Manila, Philippines

Helmets can save your life!

Everytime i ride my bike for a commute, since commuting in these pandemic days is quite hard, I also see other commuters who are also riding their bike without a helmet and some of them choose to not wear their helmets. Wearing a helmet decreases the risk of brain injury by up to 70%, according to helmet safety data. This should make wearing a helmet a requirement for all cyclists. In non-fatal accidents, wearing a helmet also decreases the severity of injuries.

I also experience a non fatal accidents and this happened along the C5 road i am riding the bike lane and that time i am the only one occupying the bike lane so i decide to ride faster and carefully but while riding fast i happened to ran across a large pothole inside the bike lane and then after that i crash, the first part of my body that crash is my head and the rest are scratches to my arms legs and my back but imagine the situation if i am not wearing a helmet the first impact to my head was hard that i even got dizzy before standing up that time and the only thing that i am thankful for is that i am not on a serious accident and i am wearing my helmet, if i am not wearing that time for sure the accident is much ever more fatal and thank god because i am able to go home after that accident.

The moral lesson here is accidents are a thing that we do not expect anytime even if you are careful. Sometimes there are other things that can cause a crash while riding your bike. We know that head injuries are one of the leading causes of death and traumatic brain damage for bicycles involved in site visitor accidents. Because of this, wearing a helmet is the single most effective way to reduce your risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury or death.


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