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Manila, Philippines

Hear sensations of mad love with Papayasoak’s single, ‘Sleepless’

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Photo courtesy of Papayasoak

Independent singer-songwriter, Justine Wieneke, aptly known as Papayasoak, drops his latest single, ‘Sleepless’

Sleepless renders a narrative about the ardent glory embedded in finding a new romance–– a record that depicts potent fervor anchored in falling madly in love with that special one. The scheme stems from the notion revolving around the trance of love turning into reality.

“Sleepless illustrates the emotions and sensations you begin to feel when you start to fall madly in love with a new flame,” says Papayasoak.

The crafting process of the track initially kicked off upon the artist’s curation of its demo piece–– curated after spending the night with its muse. It was then kept in the vault until a collaboration with several artistic peers instigated the production.

“Fern and I kind of wanted the song to not have any structure, and we had multiple back and forths on how we could meet halfway to create something great.”
Sleepless (cover art by Toni Miranda)

Produced by Kindred Music, the track exhibits eclectic reverberations grounded on artistic approaches primarily shaped by a pursuit to freely express oneself, all while delivering pieces that bring a compelling experience to its listeners.

Other creatives behind the production include Vinced, who mixed and mastered the track, Jorge Wieneke, and producer Fern Tan, mainly known as Fern.–– the artist behind hit records that were self-produced, such as Want U Bad, Lie 2 Me, Into You, Whatever This Is, and more–– a creative delivering a promising catalog as his music landed on various digital music charts, and imposingly securing a spot on PARADISE RISING’s EP, semilucent, with his track, Kaori.

For Papayasoak, the making of Sleepless paved the way to develop and hone the craft, pull him out of his comfort zone, and recognize his capabilities to offer more of his creative prowess.

“I just want to be able to express myself freely through multiple mediums, whether it be audio or visual. I have yet to find my footing in this musical landscape for I have barely even been able to scratch the surface. Even if the reception of the track has been met well by my immediate network, I merely see it as a starting point for where I want to reach.”

As an independent artist navigating his way through the musical scene, Papayasoak makes quite a mark with Sleepless–– a creative tactic to gradually uncover his stamp in the industry.

The launch of such a stirring track adds up to the flourishing creative catalog of Papayasoak–– an addition to previously released records such as Baby Come Thru and INFATUATION–– all in conjunction with his artistic backdrop as an In-house Director-Producer for Careless Music, Content Creator for Notorious Concepts, and In-house Director for After The Noon. Not to mention, the creative has worked with several noteworthy artists in the industry today, such as James Reid, Liza Soberano, Clara Benin, Lola Amour, Al James, Jason Dhakal, Fern., and more.

Sleepless is now out on digital streaming platforms for everyone to consume.

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