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Pitaka is a short film directed by Chris Cahilig and based on a poem written by Louie Jon A. Sanchez. This short film was released on 2017. Later on it was released by Insight 360 Youtube Channel. So far, Pitaka has competed in over 15 international film festival across the globe and has garnered over 40 million views on various Facebook Pages.

It is about a hardworking young man who sets aside his own dreams to provide for his younger brother needs and how the younger sibling show his gratitude to his kuya at the end. This short film was kind of short it was 8 minute short film but it has a deep relation of a brotherhood and a second family as well since they grow up with no family his kuya stand as his Mother and Father Figure ever since he was grow.

Photo Courtesy By: Mydramalist

There are many reactions I’ve been read but mine was I kind of relate to this film by being a older sibling you have a responsibility to take care of your younger sibling. I’ve been relate on it how I wish that I’ll be doing what the “Kuya” do to his younger bro the sense of responsibility is their not just by that but the love of being a family despite how spoiled your younger sibling you still have care and support to what his been doing like other parents who cares their child the guidance and the toughest sacrifices I learned it by watching this and it was a rare thing to find this kind of relationship to your siblings.

Because believe it or not typical sibling use to fought for each other. Envy, favoritism and jealousy was the causes of arguments between siblings and this film made me realize there’s a part that it can be possible to not have this kinds of arguments but have a care, love, responsibility and equality to each other though one has to sacrifice but that sacrifice will be worth it seeing your sibling paved the way that you’ve been work for him or her and pays off by giving you a meaningful thing or you could say a thanks for everything that he’s or she’s been paying off and I will do the same thing for you. In conclusion it was a very nice one short film and to the point we should always be grateful for everything most especially to those who sacrifice for our lives and welfare.

Biyaheng barkada is a short film directed by Cloe Lacanilao and Joshue Dizon. This shortfilm was released on 2017. Later on it was released by AdrelltheFOB Youtube Channel in 2018 of Feb 8th.

They win in NLEX-SCTEX biyahe 2017 Short Film competition. It is about the journey of five friends Einnor, Ann, Isaac, John, and Lard who’ve meet in their college until they graduated. Their journey starts on roadtrips Isaac was the first one who treated his friends to his first car expedition he expresses how he feels

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when you are with friends there are times they are in good terms and there are times they’ve been in bad times and starts argue to each other but end up make each other calm down.

Time goes by when their journey on one road brings them closer and closer together having fun and moments they spend together Lard gets married and his friends stand as his family which was a good thing happened and the bad one when Ann gets travel to dubai to see her family Isaac thinks it’s hard to get old alone but time goes by his friends gets one by one leaves having their own paths but Isaac still be positive and thought Even they are far away from each other he give a big thanks to the road to the journey and memories all the happiness that they’ve been spending. He know’s how hard to live by yourself but when you know no matter how far his friends was there’s nothing will be changed.

This Film was superb. It tells the journey of every barkada that even though there is huge possibility that we will part ways with each other, the memories would still last. No one can stop time and the fact that my friends and I will separate ways after we graduate makes me sad. Nevertheless, I would never forget because they had been a big part of my life and journey as well. This film made me realize how I miss my friends since we’ve not been get in touch much when this pandemic happened it makes me sad because all of our plans has been postponed and this film reminds me how misses my friends to go out and hang out with them how I wish when this pandemic gets over I will start seeing them of often and hang out again so I will recommend this movie to those who misses their friends in times of this pandemic.

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