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Celebrate the Season with “Pagmamahal Ngayong Pasko” Widescope Entertainment’s Christmas Album

Photo courtesy of Spotify

Widescope Entertainment treated their fans with a special christmas album entitled “Pagmamahal Ngayong Pasko” with a collaboration of various artists.

As Christmas draws closer, the 6 track album starts with Sitti’s “Malapit Na Ang Pasko” track that has a jazz vibe to it that is very calming and instantly puts you in a good mood. Followed by Letrang Norte’s “Ngayong Pasko” the feel-good mood remains with their beautiful message that speaks of gratefulness and trust to the Lord who continues to guide them.

Not only does this album put you in an instant good mood, but it also opens our eyes and heart to the real meaning of the season. “Reason for the Season” by 46 Hope St reminds us that this is the season for hope, peace, and love. Continuing the heartfelt message, Jam Quijano’s “Pag-ibig Noong Pasko” speaks of our unforgettable love shared with special people.

Christmas truly is a season close to our hearts as it is often the time where families, friends, and relatives reunite and celebrate the joy of giving and receiving centered by love. Catharsis' version of “Deck the Halls” uplifts our mood to a festive vibe making us giddy for the coming celebration.

As we come together to celebrate Christmas, “Pagmamahal Ngayong Pasko” a collaboration of Ebe Dancel, Sitti, 46 Hope St., Letrang Norte, Catharsis, Bongclinks, Tim Allen, and Noel Mendez remind us that the gift of love is the ultimate gift one can give and receive.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances that we are celebrating this season for the second time in a pandemic, this album is a good eye-opener that reminds us to be grateful for all the blessings we continue to receive. May we take this opportunity to reflect on ourselves and start a new for the coming year and be reminded that no matter how tough the challenges we will face, He is walking with us on our journey.

Stream Pagmamahal Ngayong Pasko on Spotify.

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