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Manila, Philippines

Cebu’s finest, Wiji Kun, drops incendiary comeback track “NO” and pushes modern pop rock forward

Wiji Kun

Wiji Kun (Luigi Balazo) makes his massive comeback with the release of his latest track “NO” which came out on May 3. This return once again solidifies why he’s one of Cebu’s well-respected producers and songwriters. Prominent for his work with The Sundown, Sepia Times and other notable acts, Balazo is ready to once again take up the mantle as the solo artist / music producer extraordinaire, Wiji Kun, after a year of laying low and focusing on new material.


“NO” is a re-introduction of the artist Wiji Kun, putting on his crown as Cebu’s king of pop rock. The tune screams sentiments of the frailness of being human, growing older and the fact that we can’t do it all. “We are bound by the limitations of our human-ness and the reaper is watching, waiting and keeping count. Eventually we have to pay the toll fee for how far we push ourselves” says Wiji Kun “There are some things we just have to say ‘no’ to for our own sake.” Having a strong DIY indie/punk mindset ever since, the track was written, recorded and produced by Wiji Kun himself in his bedroom.

Wiji Kun

Sonically, “NO” takes on a more late 90’s / early 2000’s pop rock mantle with a modern production touch to keep things interesting. It is a well-thought out soundscape pieced like a puzzle with fuzzy guitars, synthesizers and even record scratches. The way everything is put together evidently shows off Wiji Kun’s chops as a music producer.  Gang vocals are one of the defining elements of the track and “definitely one of the most fun things about the song” Wiji Kun says. The song also features very intricate earcandy moments here and there to catch the listener off guard, which is a staple in many Wiji Kun songs and productions.


This is only the first of many new releases from Wiji Kun this year as he has been working on songs constantly for the past months, particularly drawing inspiration from recent struggles, break-up, traveling to play shows, friendships and navigating relationships in modern society. According to Wiji Kun, listeners can “expect more and expect different” with the songs that are coming.

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