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Manila, Philippines

Cean Jr. Surprises His Fans with the Stripped Version and Music Video for his Hit Song Binibini

Christmas came early for the fans of fast rising RnB singer-songwriter Cean Jr. as he drops not one but two gifts for them in the form of the stripped version of his romantic vibe hit

Binibini, which was released on December 18 along with an accompanying music video for this song featuring him in his full glory released the following day on December 19. The said releases was his way of saying thank you to his rapidly growing fanbase after the music video for this song, featuring the actress Kylie Verzosa, officially hit 1 million views on YouTube.

He went on the moody and melancholic route for this take of the track, emphasized hugely by his more broody vocal work compared to the original version, with only the chilling sound of the piano to accompany him althorughout.

That’s not the only “stripped” release from the singer-songwriter though. The accompanying music video for this version of the song, directed and edited by Cean Jr. himself, carries the moody vibe of the track with dimly lit scenes and night shots along with a wonderful treat for his fans as he strips himself bare, both literally and emotionally, and shows himself in his full glory near the end of the video.

The stripped version of Binibini and its equally stripped music video is now out on all digital platforms for some moody and chill romantic vibing.

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"Binibini" Stripped Official Audio link:

"Binibini" Stripped Spotify link:

"Binibini" Stripped Music Video link:


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