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Manila, Philippines

Be Original and Have Barista Taste Coffee At Your Home By Café Luca MNL

Café Luca MNL is a online coffee shop were they have their own signature blends that can surpass the barista’s taste it was owned by Ms. Nicole Balinas and her partner. When they started this business they have other two online businesses such as CatalinaPH @catalinaph1943 and @francookiesph on ig. They both started with Catalina PH where they sell pies, loaves, muffins and cakes then the second one they make cookie business and named it Francookies PH during ECQ Season 1 which was last April 2020. They start to have clients all over the metro and in nearby provinces too. Eventually as both online businesses grew they’ve decide to have a physical store where they could sell their own line of coffee as well. They started selling their own coffee blends through their brand last July 2021 and named it Café Luca.

Photo Credits by: Cafe Luca MNL

They started this business because of having a thought they could have a physical café in the near future. Nicole and her partner always talked about of having their own café where they could share their favorite desserts and brews with family, friends and their clients as well. Their biggest motivation was themselves and each other.

They have a 3 signature coffee blends: Classic, Brown Sugar and Sweet Black. Currently their best seller is their Classic blend.

How did their online business help during their quarantine and how they benefit? Nicole honestly said “Aside from having extra income from our online businesses, it also became a bonding activity for me and my partner. It was also an outlet for us because we were free to experiment with different recipes, learn and relearn things from each other and we also valued teamwork even more, especially during our HEAVY bake / order days. It can get really crazy in our tiny kitchen!”.

What do they think many people have ventured and start their own small businesses during the pandemic? Nicole said “In our opinion, most people have ventured to start their own small businesses during the pandemic mainly because almost everyone needed an additional source of income. For others, it could also be an outlet where they could express themselves and share their crafts / creativity with the world”.

Their mission and goal of their online businesses was to keep sharing their passion and love for cooking, baking and brewing with everyone!.

Nicole happily said that they will definitely continue their online business and planning to open a café / restaurant in their area soon.

Her statement to our last question of our interview was “Now that we are in ECQ Season 3, we want to continue sending out our boxes of happiness to households everywhere!”

To those who wander if you can order to your place Cafe Luca MNL original blends is available all over the Metro and in nearby provinces despite the lockdowns.

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