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Manila, Philippines

‘All The Time’: Thursday Honey’s “intimate” take on longing for someone’s presence

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Alternative/dream-pop band, Thursday Honey, releases their latest single, ‘All The Time,’ on Thursday, March 17, under O/C Records.

The seven-piece band presents All The Time —a romantic indie/dream-pop track that depicts a narrative revolving around the early stages of a romantic relationship and the concept of yearning for their presence in the long run.

In an interview with Thursday Honey, the band revealed more about the intimacy in their newest single, what makes All The Time different from their previous releases, why they played an experimental artistic approach on this track, and more about integrating their creative ideas as a band for this track.

All The Time (cover art)

TNH: What is All The Time all about? What’s the narrative of the track and the message you aim to convey to your listeners through this track?

Bianca Selda: I wrote All The Time for a girl I was dating in 2019. The first verse talks about how we met, and the rest of the song is about longing for their presence.

TNH: How is this track different from your previous releases? What can your listeners expect from it that hasn't been delivered in your previous tracks?

Thursday Honey: All The Time is different from our previous releases because it sounds like a typical love song which we haven’t made before.

TNH: As a band that notably explores stories of joys, triumphs, and sorrows, how important is it for you guys to share the message of All The Time to many?

Thursday Honey: We want people to vibe and relate to All The Time.

TNH: How was the creative journey on this track? As a band, how did you guys collaborate for the artistic approach on this track?

Thursday Honey: Well, we took more time experimenting on the song. We actually had three versions before reaching this final one.
Bianca Selda: The demo of All The Time had a simpler arrangement than the final output.

TNH: In terms of its sonic arrangement, what can you guys share about it?

Thursday Honey: We focused not to add too many elements that would degrade the listening experience. We decided that we would stay true to our live version.

TNH: After producing this track, what did you guys discover among yourselves that you wish to impart on your next creative endeavors, more specifically on your subsequent music releases?

Cholo Villanueva: Personally, I want to stray away from songs that fit the formula I made when making songs. I want to experiment more.

TNH: How do you think All The Time impacted your craft as individual artists and as a band?

Thursday Honey: All The Time was my favorite song to jam when gigs were still a thing. We bonded more as a band when creating the arrangement of the song.

TNH: If there’s one word that could encapsulate the overall story and creative journey of All The Time, what would it be?

Bianca Selda: If there’s one word that could encapsulate All The Time, it would be “intimate.” This song is close to my heart because I had written it for someone.

Thursday Honey’s previously released tracks include their debut single, hey i'm greg, released in 2020, and sophomore track, 720, dropped last year in April. With the release of All The Time, Thursday Honey is back to captivate hearts — offering a song that people can “vibe and relate to.”

Thursday Honey is composed of Cholo Villanueva, Bianca Selda, Neo Recasata, Matthew Profeta, Luiz Bunani, Franco Capalongan, Jam Reyes.

You can stream All The Time on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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