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Manila, Philippines

A ten-hour drive to Ilocos Norte's paradise

“The real enjoyment is on the beach and in the encounter with the water and with the way the sand heals the soul.” –Elizabeth Berkley

We've all been through difficult times as a result of the pandemic that has affected every part of our lives; we've kept fighting and surviving, and we all deserve a reward. A short getaway is the best way to de-stress and find peace of mind for a while. Such bliss is found at Ilocos, a tourist destination in our country that everyone can enjoy. It is so far away from Manila. It is a 10-hour drive from Manila if you travel in a personal vehicle and another two more hours if you travel by public transportation. Saud Beach in Ilocos Norte is a great addition to everyone’s bucket list for the water that is blue as the sky is surrounded by sand that is pristine white and palm trees.

The fully air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms at the Resort Hotel will ensure comfort to your visit as well as a veranda from which you can enjoy your morning coffee while watching the sunrise and sunset.

Delectable local cuisine that is available at the restaurant and various outdoor activities offers by the beach resort will probably make your Saud Beach experience more memorable and fun. One of the most exciting outdoors activities that your whole family should try is riding in Banana boat.

The 10 hours travel to Ilocos Norte from Manila is worth it, because along the way are beautiful sceneries of nature you can enjoy. I would say that it is best if you have your car, rent one or look into tour packages so that you can stop and enjoy the other places before arriving at Saud beach.

Remember to add your favorite songs to the playlist to enjoy them with your family during the journey!


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